After being a specialist lorry driver for most of my working life, delivering dangerous and wide loads around the UK, i suddenly found myself like any parent would, fighting for custody of my two young boys who were 4 and 2 years of age at the time, and were being subjected to horrific abuse.
That was nearly 8 years ago since they both came into my care, and because my youngest is the autistic spectrum i instantly became a full time carer and could no longer drive a lorry for a living.
I made them both a promise to turn their lives around, and with very limited options available i turned to the internet to fulfill that promise.

It has certainly been a bumpy ride and a very steep learning curve, the naivety of what to expect cost me more than i would probably like to admit, but despite falling foul time and time again to the so called “gurus” my motivation and determination only grew stronger, and here i am today after realizing the one piece of advice i would give to anyone just starting out on their online journey. Before you spend a single penny, do a little research and find where the integrity is within the internet marketing arena, it is very much in short supply but when you find it, stick to it like glue!

Finally after years of being sold broken dreams and worthless products that just don’t work, i found it here partnership to success.

To your success,

Tony Pickles.