It can be really frustrating when you’re first starting out trying make money on line, so here’s my top 5 “Do’s and Don’ts” that you might find helpful.

1.) Don’t pull your hair out, it’s not necessary if you follow these few tips.

2.) DO look for where the integrity is within the internet marketing arena. What do i mean by that?

Well instead of jumping straight in and purchasing the first “shiny thing” that is promoted as “One button press to success” do a little research and find out exactly who creates the worth while products, not those selling only broken dreams and disappointment.
Saving yourself a lot of time, and an awful lot of money.

3.) DON’T stay on anyone’s email list who’s tagline is misleading. What do i mean by that?

There are an unbelievable amount email marketers out there who will try all sorts of ridiculous tricks to try and get you to open an email, only to fill that email with even more ridiculous rubbish in the hope of duping you into believing it! For example:

“You have £13.000 in commissions” Unless you are already a huge success, it’s not very likely is it! or….

“PAYPAL Payment of £3.000 Pending” Again if you’re only just starting out it’s hardly likely!
I could give you any number of other examples but the point is this, if that’s the tactic being used, then how on earth can they be trusted.

4.) Do make sure that you search for product reviews before you purchase, and not just one or two but quite a few. I find you-tube a great resource for product reviews and it could save you a lot of heartache.

5.) DON’T underestimate the phrase “The money is in the list” what do i mean by this?

“The money is in the list” refers to an email list. Having an email list is at the core of any internet marketing success, but to simply say “The money is in the list” isn’t really anything more than an obvious statement. What i would advise you to remember when building your email list is “The money is in the relationship you have with your list” which comes back to point number 3 above.

If you are just starting out and looking to build an email list,
Here’s a great place to start

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Tony Pickles

    2 replies to "Don’t Pull Your Hair Out!"

    • Joan Jablonski

      Hi Tony. Read your article and found it very interesting, easy to read and in some places funny. I hope your business flourishes and that you find happiness. I never thought of researching things through You-Tube, so thanks for the heads up. Love the fact also that there were no spelling or grammar mistakes, finding a blog that has these attributes is difficult nowadays.

    • Steve Williams

      Hey Tony,

      Nice piece about the (many) frustrations we have all experienced (and still do!) with Internet marketing, especially when starting out. The comments about integrity and the money being in ‘what we do’ with our list are also very apt.

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