The Art and Science of Effective Email Marketing

Email is a powerful marketing tool that everyone in business has access to. Using email you can distribute content straight to your recipient’s inbox regularly in long or short form format.

While some other marketing channels may become disrupted or replaced by competitors (such as social media platforms) email is a steady pillar of reliability that people check on a regular basis often for many years.

This channel is a huge chance to change passive readers into buyers, raving fans or whatever
other goal you’re striving towards.

Great email marketing is not only an intuitive gut feeling, it’s also a data driven science of what your readers will like.

Email marketing requires creativity, intuition and imagination, and continuous analysis of data
about how well your emails are performing.

Today we’re going to take a look at some of the key aspects, both the art and the science to ensure effective email marketing.

Aspect 1: Who Is Your Audience?

The answer to the above question is never “everyone”. Knowing who you’re emailing is key to
crafting email content and how well your emails will convert.
If you have a small list of customers you work with closely, this answer might be relatively easy.
For larger lists, you need to tailor your emails to what each sub-group values or wants.

Aspect 2: What’s the Goal?

Successful email marketing relies on knowing exactly what you want each email to achieve.
Do you want readers to buy a product? Open a web page? Fill out a survey? Enter a competition?
This level of focus will provide you with a sense of clarity around what content to feature in your email.
The content will be more relevant and engaging than if you’re sending an email for a vague reason.

Aspect 3: How Will You Measure Success?

Without measuring if you’re successful or not in relation to your goals, you will have no way of improving your email skills.
This is where the science of email comes into play.
I personally think two metrics in particular are needed:

Conversion Rate:
This is the #1 metric. It is the number of your audience who took an action that you wanted them to take.
The goal of every email should be for level of conversion, so this is the mostimportant.

Click Through Rate:
This studies what % of your recipients clicked on one or more links in the email. I would recommend aiming for an ambitious click through rate of 10% and strive to reach this target.

Aspect 4: Crafting the Perfect Email

While there is no airtight way of crafting an email, there are a few general quick tips that based on my experience:
Subject lines are important to grab attention. For many businesses you need to:

Create urgency

Use the recipient’s name

The body of your email should be focused on useful and valuable information.

Use buttons as indicators of clear calls to action.

Create a great signature that adds a personal touch.

Most importantly, BE YOURSELF!

Final Words:

As I hope this post pointed out, a truly successful email relies on a combination of art and science.
There should be a lot of thought given to who your audience is, what you’re trying to achieve and
how you’re going to get there before ever typing a single word.
Using these tips you can steadily refine and improve how well your emails are performing.

Please feel free to comment below.


To your success,


Tony Pickles.

    1 Response to "E-mail Marketing In Depth"

    • David Urwin

      Hi Tony, good post on email marketing. However, in my view I think an email should also be entertaining so as to engage the reader to want to read on. Easy for me to say I know but there are some marketers who are experts at it. I have been on two marketers lists since 2009 and I have received hundreds if not thousands of emails from them both and they just keep churning them out. There is no way I would opt out of any of their lists as I look forward to receiving them. I have also bought loads of stuff from them.
      This is the standard we all want to reach but we are not writers or authors and we need to learn from others where we can. For me, daily emails and follow ups on your autoresponder are the real challenge.

      Keep up the good work and best of luck!

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