How Paid And Organic Marketing On YouTube Can Benefit You

YouTube is the worlds largest video platform. As video plays an ever-increasing role in content creation and consumption, so do the opportunities for marketing on the YouTube platform. Broadly speaking you the ability to market on YouTube through paid and organic (unpaid) channels.

In this post we’ll look at both paid and organic marketing on YouTube.

Paid Marketing

Video advertising takes place on Google’s Display Network, therefore you can manage your ads through Google Adwords. For paid marketing on YouTube let’s look at two different TrueView video formats:

TrueView in- stream ads: Your video plays before, during or after the other videos. After 5 seconds, the viewer can choose to skip the ad.

TrueView video discovery ads: This format focuses on discovery, where you can promote your videos in places where viewers search for content, including next to related YouTube videos, on the home page or in search results.

Advantage Of Paid Marketing

The advantage of TrueView ads on YouTube is the clarity around what you’re paying for. With these ads you don’t pay on a cost-per-impression basis, meaning you don’t pay for whoever only saw your video, but rather you pay based on audience interaction with some elements of your video. The benefit of only paying when a customer interacts with your ad is huge. You have the ability to serve a large audience with advertisements and then have clear metrics around how they are performing and what the engagement is. This system has a clear advantage of cost-per-impression advertising.

Disadvantage Of Paid Marketing

The main disadvantage of paid marketing is the difficulty of using it as a way of growing your audience. While it may be profitable to run ads based on your products and services in the short term, it doesn’t mean that customers will be likely to subscribe to your channel for a long term commitment when your advertisements are clearly aimed at converting viewers into customers.

Organic Marketing

Organic marketing on YouTube means that generating traffic to your videos through unpaid methods. This often means creating content that’s relevant to your target audience and relying on traffic from search queries or other unpaid sources, such as YouTube serving your videos to people who watched related content.

Advantage Of Organic Marketing

The advantage of organic marketing on YouTube is the ability to generate an audience. Having a dedicated set of subscribers that you can serve content to on a regular basis is a huge advantage when it comes to new product launches, information videos, product walk-throughs or whatever other marketing activities you engage in. Often marketing content is designed first and finding the audience comes second. If you create high quality marketing content that makes people want to subscribe or return again and again, then you have the advantage of having an audience receptive to any marketing activities you engage in going forwards.

Disadvantage Of Organic Marketing

Time investment is the biggest barrier to creating content on YouTube. Often success is defined by one video that goes viral and generates millions of sales, but rather a consistent investment into creating content relevant to your audience. If you don’t have the time to invest in content creation, then you may find that paid marketing is the best option.

Final Words

It’s important to find the right fit for your specific strategy. It’s also important to note that an investment, whether time or money, is required for both organic and paid marketing on YouTube, so it’s important to pick the right marketing approach for you.

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    • Stephen Bradshaw

      Tony, Just reaching out to you as a member of Partnership 2 Success as John Thornhill recommends.
      I really liked your site,
      Great use of white space, interesting topics, and very easy to navigate.
      Just check out your links as I came up with a “file not found” page on your site.
      If you get a minute could you look over my site any comments both good or bad I would be extremely grateful to you, thanks, Stephen

    • Greg Ray

      Lots of great information, Tony. I am one who was very uneasy about creating videos for my business. I believe a lot of the apprehension was because of the complexity of the software. I had a fellow marketer recommend Screencast-O-Matic, a very simple to use software package, and very inexpensive ($18 per year). I want to leave this link for anyone who needs it… this is NOT an affiliate link…
      Hope this helps….

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